Sonja’s classes always leave me at ease and inspired. Attending them helped me tremendously in healing physically from a car accident, and her emphasis on ones self care has left a lasting impression with me. Her love of teaching and yoga comes through in her compassion and encouragement in a very welcoming environment.

Becky Shuurman

Sonja is truly an amazing yoga instructor. She carefully plans her classes and listens to her intuition which makes for a unique and authentic experience. I have been doing yoga for 20+ years on and off and am so happy to get to partake in her classes right now. I have nothing but positive things to say about Sonja. I feel peaceful, powerful and alive during and after her classes and look forward to them each time!

Alicia Fenn

Sonja has this beautiful Earth Goddess energy that just radiates from her. Her classes are juicy and intuitively-lead. She is very present with everyone in class the entire time. The last class I attended helped me release a whole lot of pent-up tension from my hips. I left feeling refreshed and cleared out. If you haven’t tried Sonja’s classes yet, I would highly recommend them!

Vanessa Ooms

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